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What to expect at your first Silent Disco

Unsure about what a silent disco is or what it involves? Here's our guide to the latest craze coming to Cornwall this summer.

Silent discos are a new craze that have been growing in popularity, especially at festivals and garden parties, for the last decade. Imagine walking into a bar, party or woodland to find a bunch of party people dancing like loons and singing out of tune, all to music you can’t hear… until you put your headphones on. Welcome to the Silent Disco, where DJs battle over separate wireless channels which you can switch between to find your jams throughout the night.

What happens when I arrive?

When you get to the silent disco you’ll be given a set of wireless headphones with switches you can use to toggle between stations. Each station will have a different DJ assigned to it, usually playing a wide variety of music to suit everyone.

Will I be self-conscious?

No! There is something about silent discos that seems to allow people to let go more than at a normal disco. You won’t be able to stand on the edge of the dance floor because the music is infectious and the atmosphere is inclusive. Everyone looks a little bit ridiculous so no-one cares!

Can I talk to people?

Unlike normal discos, at a silent disco if you want to have a conversation you can just slip off your headphones and talk as normal without worrying about losing your voice from shouting to be heard. Plus, while you have your headphones off, you can take a moment to absorb the surreal experience of watching hundreds of people dancing to music you can’t hear.

Who will be there?

Because of the huge range in music, silent discos are fun for people of all ages. With everything from 80’s hits to up-and-coming dance music, there really is something for everyone which leads to a lovely harmony of all ages dancing together.

If this all sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday night, make sure to enter our competition for tickets to the silent disco at Penlee Park Theatre on 29th July 2017!


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Image from The Great Estate Festival