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Make your own festive star

Grab your old What's On Guides and get Christmas crafting!

We’ve gone decoration mad at the Cornwall 365 office and you can follow the below instructions for how to make your own homemade Christmas star. You’ll need the paper of your choice, scissors, ruler, pen, sellotape and a stapler.

Take your What’s On Guide (or any paper you have to hand)

Take out the staples and pull out a page.

Take one side of the paper and fold it across.

Cut across the paper to leave you with a square.

Once you have your square fold one corner on to the opposite side to make a triangle. Then draw a line up the centre of the triangle.

Now grab your scissors. Cut from the bottom of the triangle diagonally up to the line, but don’t cut across the line. Then repeat on the other side, again don’t cut up to the line, leave a gap of paper in between the two cuts. Repeat twice more on both sides.

Now unfold the triangle so you have the square again. It should look like you have diamond shapes cut into the square. Take the top and bottom cuts that make up the smallest diamond and sellotape their edges together to make a small cylinder. You can also fasten them with a stapler if you have one that is small enough, we found it a bit fiddly!

Turn the square over and repeat with the next smallest diamond. From now on you can use the stapler rather than tape if preferred. Carry on turning the square over and sticking the sides of each diamond together.

You should end up with something that looks like this!

Now start again until you have made 5 individual points. Once you have 5 it’s time to start sticking them together.

Take three of the points and staple them together. Then take the remaining two and staple them. Finally bring them together and staple the group of two and the group of three together in the middle creating the star shape.

Now it’s time to staple the sides together so the star is not floppy when you hang it up.

Time to hang up your star and admire your handiwork! You can make lots of different size stars, just make the starting square bigger or smaller.

There are lots of other Christmas crafts you can make with your old What’s On Guides. We tried baubles, papers chains, 3d Christmas trees and present wrapping. Tag us in your crafting pictures, we’d love to see what you make!

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