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Speak Cornish Week

Read on to discover all the digital events and how you can get involved.

1. Lessons / Dyskansow

Across the week get started with a short beginner language course. This is a great introduction to the language, you’ll learn how to introduce yourself and a few useful phrases. If you would like to pursue further lessons the team will point you in the right direction. A ticket to cover both sessions cost £5.

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2. Children’s Activities / Gwriansow Fleghes

Each evening at 6.30pm tune in to hear a Bedtime Story read in Cornish & English. Tales range from Topsy & Tim to the story of St Piran, perfect to introduce little ones to the Language. There will also be short activities throughout the week that use Cornish in fun and interactive ways.

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3. Meet Ups / Yeth an Werin

Join other speakers for informal zoom chats across the week. There are various sessions pitched at different levels to cater to all abilities. Log on and become part of the language community.

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4. Music / Ilow

Head over to the Speak Cornish Week Facebook and Twitter feeds to watch a variety of bands & musicians who use Cornish in their music. The line up includes Rowan Tree, Black Eyed Nancy, Hiraeth, Matthi ab Dewi and many more.

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5. Talks / Kowsow

Listen and take part in a variety of talks and lectures throughout the week. Tuesday sees the Inaugural Cornish Lecture Series / Kynsa Areth yn Kevres Arethow Kernewek. Ken George will deliver his talk entitled ‘Hwetek Dydh yn Nihon,’ followed by a Q and A. On Friday there will be an Our Voice / Agan Lev Workshop to explore the future direction of the Cornish language including funding and development. Finally join Agan Tavas on Friday for The Leaders of the Cornish / Hembrynkysy an Gernowyon, a project to commemorate the leaders of the 1497 march to London. The project films will be shared on the Agan Tavas Facebook Page.

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6. Other Events / Hwarvosow erel

Celebrate Speak Cornish Week with a series of special events. On Tuesday Agan Tavas present a virtual version of the traditional Midsummer Bonfire / Tansys Golowan. On Wednesday Mark Elton hosts a Quiz in Cornish / Kwys yn Kernewek on Zoom, individuals and teams are welcome. Thursday take part in the Film from Home Watch-along / Fylm Tre Keffrys from the comfort of your own sofa. Two Cornish language films will be screened, followed by a Q and A on Twitter with Zoe Alker, director of Yn Mor.

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