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SproutSpoken – SuperSonic

Last Saturday night at Sprout Health Foods, community reporter Sam Nancarrow attended SproutSpoken's event 'SuperSonic'. Read on to see what he thought...

To speak, whatever our language, accent, and intention, is to communicate in the most transparent way possible to our fellow human. From the breath in our lungs to the formation of words within our mouths and across our tongues; to speak is to communicate the language of the heart. On Saturday night at Sprout Health Foods, Dicky Souray composed a night that exemplifies what it means to speak our truth. Through performers who were as varied as the material they delivered, we, the audience, were treated to a collection of spoken word, poetry, and a compelling drawing of a Horse, Diplodocus, Hyena, Toad, and Frog hybrid.

The night was blessed by an audience as dedicated to listening as the performers were to be speaking. There was no sense of a barrier between audience and artist, instead, every act felt like a new conversation, and everybody present was invested in that communication. Whether we were clapping along to the rhythmic quality of words, singing on command, or listening diligently to the soulful revelations of the artist, there was a sense of shared belonging to this night.

From across the country and close to home, Dicky brought together a mix of established artists, and performers who are fresher to the game. The performers on the night were Charlotte Bradman, Ty Burgin, Shaday Barrowes-Bayewunmi, Spike Zephaniah, and Rick Dove. Each artist delivered a routine that felt fiercely independent and personal, whilst achieving commonality through their shared mastery of words. Each of these artists deserves recognition for their art and generous vulnerability.

Through SproutSpoken, Dicky has been able to cultivate a haven for the arts and artists in Newquay and has positively contributed to the growing cultural scene that has emerged in Newquay over the last half a decade. SproutSpoken has directed its Arts Council funding to feed the growing artistic community of Newquay and Cornwall. This has been achieved by supporting the growth, development, and emergence of local artists to drawing talent from further afield down to a quaint, humble, and astoundingly beautiful venue just off of Newquay’s High Street.

From a passive and welcoming colour scheme of pale greens and earthy browns to an intimate, mossy, tarpaulin-covered courtyard; Sprout Health Foods is both a shop and venue that would have felt out of place in Newquay many years ago but is now a principal reason to visit the coastal community. The refreshments served on the night reflected the values that SproutSpoken, and Sprout Health Foods hold close. On the menu was their, “Banging Vegan Chilli” and a selection of locally brewed drinks that reflect Sprouts’ wholesome and locally sourced approach to what we could be putting into our bodies and what we could be listening to with our ears.

Sprout Spoken have a fantastic array of upcoming events for us to indulge our ears and open our hearts towards. These include a WordsWork Session (22nd September) and SproutSpoken – at the Huer’s Hut on national poetry day (6th October). Check out all of SproutSpoken’s upcoming events here! Anything SproutSpoken produce is a worthwhile investment of your time and will pay you back in emotional catharsis.


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Sam Nancarrow

Sam is a freelance theatre-maker and performer from Cornwall. He is currently based in Penryn. When Sam is not creating performance work, you’ll likely find him treading the footpaths of one of Cornwall’s coastal walks or trailing through the shops and bars of Falmouth’s high street.