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The Witch: The Circus of Horrors – A Circus Show with a Sinister Story at The Regal Theatre

On Monday, one of our new community reporters, Sam, headed to the Regal Theatre to watch the sensational new 'Phantasmagoria' which encompasses amazing & bizarre Circus acts with an original rock score.

As soon as the Circus came to town, it was gone again. But the circus will live on in the memory of the residents of Redruth and Cornwall. Fast-paced furious fun. The Circus of Horrors is a raucous ride from start to finish. Accompanied by an aggressive and vigorous rock soundtrack (which is played live), The Circus of Horrors are able to inject an energy into their show which makes it fly by. By the time I had left, I could hardly believe two hours had passed. Such is the magic of the Circus.

As soon as one act had finished, the Guitars, Bass, Drums and Keyboard would whirr into new life, and the next high-octane performance would already have begun. The show begins with an array of sword swallowing, with each sword presenting a new challenge pushing Hannibal Hammertoe into a new technique. This is perhaps one of the show’s greatest successes’, behind all the drama, music, and energy is a performer who is treating us to increasingly impressive skills and techniques. From here, the audience is treated to an array of classic circus-based acts from terrific tumblers, who keep finding new ways to literally climb higher, to someone skipping rope whilst on a unicycle. It’s quite remarkable. There are even clowns! After all, what is the circus without clowns? However, these aren’t the playful type clowns with big red noses and oversized shoes (although they were suggesting something was oversized…). These are grotesque, distorted looking creatures who merely fill the role of clowns. They offer comic relief in between the rushes of adrenaline.

The night was only enhanced by the venue. The Regal Redruth made the night feel a special occasion, and like this wasn’t any other show. Due to the wonderful size of the theatre, it helped offer grandeur to the performance, and despite the size of the venue, the musicians had no problem filling it with noise and energy. During the interval, an audience member said to me, “You’ve got to enjoy something like this, how can you not?” and they are quite right. Another audience member recounted to me the other shows they had seen at this venue with great warmth in their voice. There is clearly a lot of local pride in The Regal Redruth.

Together, The Regal and The Circus of Horrors put on an excellent evening of entertainment. This is a company of highly skilled professionals who warrant an evening of your time. Let them show you what they can do, and you’ll find it hard to not want to run away with the circus.

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Sam Nancarrow

Sam is a freelance theatre-maker and performer from Cornwall. He is currently based in Penryn. When Sam is not creating performance work, you’ll likely find him treading the footpaths of one of Cornwall’s coastal walks or trailing through the shops and bars of Falmouth’s high street.