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What a Riot!

Miracle Theatre triumph with their latest show, touring across Cornwall this summer.

Watching a Miracle Theatre Show has become a Cornish summer mainstay. Whether with a glass of chilled wine on a sunny evening or a hot tea braving the mizzle, there are many ways to enjoy one of Cornwall’s premier theatre companies. This year Miracle is touring Love Riot to 30 venues across Cornwall, and some further afield too. The play is a radical retelling of Hannah Cowley’s The Belle’s Stratagem, first performed in 1780 at London’s Drury Lane theatre. We were delighted to attend the opening performance of Miracle’s version at Gyllyngdune Gardens.

Love Riot opens with Letitia Hardy (Millie Montgomery-Smith) fretting about how to behave when she meets her future husband. Our headstrong heroine does not want to marry anyone and is adamant that she will marry for love. Unfortunately, her first encounter does not go well and she appears tongue-tied and awkward against her up-tight betrothed Doricourt (Danny Mellor).

We then meet our second couple Sir George and Lady Frances Touchwood (Daniel Richards and Sophia Dear) from the country for Letitia and Doricourt’s upcoming wedding. Much to the annoyance of his agreeable wife, Sir George prefers to stay at home and catalogue his beetles (“Arthropods!”) rather than attend the event of the season, the Masquerade.

The paths of these absurd couples intertwine, helped by the meddling of Mrs Racket (Charlotte Merriam) and Mr Flutter, and the unwanted advances of the lascivious Courtall. Act 2 opens with the famous masquerade ball, and with the help of some identity-concealing costumes, of course chaos ensues.

The show is filled with everything we’ve come to love about Miracle’s shows, clever multi-rolling, exuberant characterisation, and a dash of farce for good measure. We loved the sets and costumes by Jude and Al Munden, a modern and fun interpretation of period fashion and architecture using metal grids, coquettish dresses, and a set of splendid wigs! Louis Gulliver King’s score begins light and fizzy before breaking into a Georgian rave in Act 2. The script by Hannah Mulder brings a The Great style flare to the piece that had us laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Love Riot is the perfect show to enjoy on a warm Cornish evening. Or if (like us) you’re not so lucky with the weather, no matter, the frothy joy of the show will keep you smiling in your seats. Love Riot is touring extensively this summer so join the romantic rebellion and book your seats now.


Miracle Theatre is touring Love Riot until 24th August. See all of the venues here

Photos: Kirstin Prisk


Bethany is often happiest watching one of Cornwall’s brilliant theatre companies. She also loves festivals, coastal walks, and exploring Cornish history and heritage.