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Bedruthan’s Christmas Grotto

A magical walk-through grotto adventure. Help the elves find the missing jingle capacitor for Santa's sleigh and save Christmas!

Monday 2nd December, 2019

Last weekend the Cornwall 365 team went on a magical adventure at Bedruthan’s Christmas Grotto. Joined by many a friendly elf, and a whole host of other festive characters, we were led through magical woodlands and wintery caverns all the way to Santa’s sleigh. Read on to find out why children will love this family adventure this Christmas.

On Friday morning we pulled up to Bedruthan Hotel and following the fairy lights we joined an excited group of families awaiting the opening of the Grotto. Friendly elves arrived to guide us as we stepped from the carpark into a magical winter wonderland. The hotel had taken on an amazing transformation into an elfin village. Black drapes dressed the walls encircling a ring of thick fir trees, and wood chips and snow carpeted the floor. Fairy lights were strung above quaint red and white cubby houses and wooden reindeer made for great photo opportunities, as well as the signpost centre piece.

We met the loveable Tomty and Astrid the elf while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and gingerbread cookies from the Christmas Grotto Bar. Before long we had a visit from a very stressed Jingle the Elf, bringing very bad tidings indeed. Father Christmas had to do an emergency landing right in the middle of Bedruthan Hotel and he needed help finding the missing piece of his sleigh. So we said goodbye to our festive friends in the village and followed Jingle into Festlig Wood.

Surrounded by candlelit Christmas trees we searched for the jingle capacitor – the missing piece of Santa’s sleigh. Under the branches and amongst the leaves we looked until finally we found it – hurray! We decided to stay in the woods a little longer so we could make our very own wooden decorations for our trees at home, decorating them with colourful pompoms. Then it was time to go so we followed Jingle onto the next leg of our adventure.

Through the winding leafy path we went before emerging into an snowy cavern, home to the Ice Queen. After answering her Christmas riddle she gave us the candy cane key and allowed us to pass. Children had great fun in the Ice Queen’s cavern playing in the special snow pit, (sorry not for adults!) before emerging into the frozen forest. Branches curled round the walls and snow covered the ground in white. We could see a light at the end of the tunnel, but first we had one more stop to make!

Turning to the final part of the forest, we spotted the red sleigh amongst the snow. Presents were scattered about under the trees and a thousand lights twinkled above our heads. We had found Father Christmas! Returning the missing jingle capacitor to its rightful place the sleigh was fixed and ready to go. Father Christmas was so grateful he presented every boy and girl with a special gift of thanks. Luckily we all had time to take a Christmas photo in the sleigh before he had to rush off to finish his Christmas shopping! Making our way to the edge of the forest, our magical adventure complete, we listened as the sleigh took off into the air. We had saved Christmas!

We had a great time at Bedruthan’s Christmas Grotto and think you will too! Each adventure takes 45 minutes and children come away with their own wooden Christmas decoration and a present from Santa, as well as having lots of fun on the way (adults too!)

Bedruthan’s Grotto is running from now until Monday 23rd December, but be quick – there are only a couple of time slots left!
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About Bedruthan Hotel

Situated on the North Cornwall coast and overlooking a stunning sandy beach, the Bedruthan Hotel is known both for its fantastic spa facilities and for offering one of the best views in Cornwall. It is also a vibrant and cultural hub for performers, artists and musicians. Used as a space for outdoor performances by renowned theatre companies such as Miracle Theatre, shows are set on the outdoor lawn area which overlooks the beach, providing a memorable experience for theatre goers. Find out more

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