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Laura Terry

Trewarmett, Tintagel, PL34 0ES

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The village of Tintagel is set on the rugged Atlantic coast of Cornwall, and is one of Britain’s most visited places.

Its popularity is thanks in large part to its eponymous castle, which sits high on the peninsula of Tintagel Island. The castle ruins, with their strong links to the legend of King Arthur, offer a magical spot for exploration as well as dramatic sea views.

In late May, Tintagel plays host to a Castle of Legend event, where locals and visitors can discover more about the captivating history of the area. They can join in with plays and medieval games, and listen to traditional Arthurian tales.

Tintagel’s Old Post Office is another popular draw for fans of medieval history. A 14th-century yeoman’s farmhouse now owned by the National Trust, this building features a wavy slate roof, beautiful gardens and a host of Victorian curiosities on display inside.

During late October, the Old Post Office invites Halloween-lovers to explore the house under cover of darkness, armed with UV torches to uncover hidden symbols that will help to solve a spooky puzzle. And throughout the remainder of the year, the Old Post Office offers a host of engaging events including September’s All the Tea in Tintagel (where visitors can explore their collection of ceramics and learn about Victorian life) and early-October’s Cornish Tea Treats (during which traditional baking methods and recipes are celebrated).

From January to December, Tintagel is an enchanting spot that will bewitch the whole family.

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Laura Terry

Sat 27th May, 2023 — Sun 4th Jun, 2023

Melrosa, Tintagel