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Speak Cornish

Speak Cornish Week is an annual celebration of the Cornish Language, giving everyone the chance to speak a few words of Cornish.
Each year, in late June, there is a whole week of events for all the family centred around a few Cornish phrases (such as ‘I love …’, ‘here we are …’ etc) and lots of activities.
Speak Cornish Week is run by An Rosweyth.

An Rosweyth is the network of Cornish language voluntary organisations. Under their Speak Cornish banner, the groups of An Rosweyth organise and promote lots of ways in which you can learn Cornish, and events where you can use the Cornish language. The aim is to make Cornish accessible for everyone and to collaborate with other groups in Cornwall so that we increase use of Cornish in our community life. There are classes across Cornwall, which mainly run from September, as well as taster classes during the year. Social conversation ‘meet-ups’ called Yeth an Werin take place every month, online and in pubs and venues across Cornwall. Throughout the year there are festivals and events where you can speak, sing and hear Cornish.

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‘An Rosweyth’ yw rosweyth a gowethyansow bodhek an yeth kernewek. Yndan aga thitel Kewsel Kernewek, bagasow ‘An Rosweyth’ a rester hag avonsya lies fordh may hyllowgh dyski Kernewek dredha, ha hwarvosow le may hyllowgh gul devnydh a’n yeth Kernewek. Gul Kernewek moy hedhadow dhe bubonan yw agan amkan, keffrys ha kesoberi gans bagasow erel yn Kernow may hyllyn ynkressya devnydh a Gernewek yn bewnans agan kemeneth. Yma klassow a-dreus Kernow, hag a dhalleth, dre vras, mis Gwynngala, keffrys ha klassow ‘blasa’ dres an vledhen. Pub mis, y hwer kuntellesow rag keskows socyal, Yeth an Werin aga hanow, warlinen hag yn diwottiow ha tylleryow a-dreus Kernow. Dres an vledhen, yma golyow ha hwarvosow le may hyllowgh kewsel, kana ha klewes Kernewek.

Rag pella derivadow gwelewgh:

Keskolm gans agan kemeneth war vedia kowethasek:

@speakcornish1 Facebook and Twitter

@speakcornish Instagram

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